Amyloid-Beta: Villain or Hero in Alzheimer’s Disease? (Podcast)

Last week I was interviewed on Straight from a Scientist, a podcast series where scientists talk about their research for a general audience. In Part 1, which you can listen to here, we had an informal conversation about my research and background. You can now listen to Part 2, a roundtable segment where the host, Connor Wander, and I discuss current topics in Alzheimer’s disease research, including a new look at the physiological roles of amyloid-beta. Enjoy!


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1 thought on “Amyloid-Beta: Villain or Hero in Alzheimer’s Disease? (Podcast)

  1. Alice Gosztyla

    Fascinating! What I got from this dialogue was that there may be many different causes and indicators of Alzheimer’s disease, and that scientists are re-thinking the role of Ameloid-Beta and Tau . I also liked that you stressed the importance of the age-old basic building blocks for good health: healthy diet, exercise, and sleep. Those things are sometimes hard to achieve, especially after a lifetime of “bad” habits, but having a healthy brain is another motivator to get with the program. Thanks, Maya.



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